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Dates to Remember

  • 2025: ICPAN Conference                       in Dublin, Ireland                                 Date:  Sept 3-5, 2025 
  • 2025:  ASPAN Conference in Dallas Texas                                                      Date: April  26-May 1, 2025
  • 2024: NTI, Denver                                 Date: May 20-22 2024



PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week is the week where recognition is given to PeriAnesthesia Nurses working in all domains of PeriAnesthesia nursing:  PACUs, Day Surgery Units, PreAdmission, Day of Surgery, Surgicentres, Dental clinics, Plastic surgery offices, Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Diagnostic Imaging, Labour and Delivery to name just a few.


The week for this celebration is the first FULL week of February every year with the designated "PeriAnesthesia Nurses Day" on the Wednesday of that week.


Please join your colleagues in a celebration during PeriAnesthesia Nurses week every year. Please send in your photos, stories and other celebrations during this week, and we will add them to this website, in this location.  Have a Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week and congratulations to you all!


PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week 2024



 Downloadable Poster

Presidential Letter 2024


 PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week 2023


2023 Nursing Week poster

Downloadable poster

Presidential Letter 2023


PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week 2022

Downloadable poster

Presidential Letter 2022



Perianesthesia week 2022 RCH 5Perianesthesia week 2022 RCH 03   


 PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2021

Nursing Week Presidential Address

Downloadable Poster


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2020 



Presidential PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week Address

Downloadable Poster



PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2019: Feb 4-10


Presidential PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week Address

Downloadable Poster

French Version


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2018: Feb 5-11


Downloadable Poster

French version

Presidential Address


 Saint John Regional Hospital in NB & Summerside PEI 


                                                                HSC Newfoundland                                                                   


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2017: Feb 6-12th

Canadian PeriAnesthesia Nurses: Care to Be the Best


NAPANc Poster 2017

Presidents Message



PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2016: Feb 1-5 2016

NAPANc Poster 2016 

Message from the NAPANc President


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2015: Feb 2-8 2015

NAPANc Poster 2015


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2014:  FEBRUARY 2-8, 2014

NAPANc Announces PeriAnesthesia Nurses' Week, 2014! (English).  

NAPANc Announces PeriAnesthesia Nurses' Week, 2014 (French) !


Send us your photos, videos or any ideas that you have/had for celebrating this week.  We will publish them on this website and in our newsletter. 



1.   Please see the attached "PeriAnesthesia Nurses' Week Greetings from the NAPANc Executive", 2013.


2.   See how the nursing staff of the University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton Alberta, PACU celebrated: 

Cup cake Monday
Wacky sock Tuesday
Pizza Wednesday
Coffee and cookie Thursday
Pot luck Friday followed by a TGIF at a local pub

The week will end Feb. 9 with the PANA-nac symposium.More photos to follow. 

See attached photo thanking one of the anesthesiologists who donated money for this fun-filled week!




Please see the attached, "PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week Greeting from the NAPANc Executive", 2012.


Please send in your celebratory stories, photos, acknowledgements of PeriAnesthesia Nurses' work, and we will post them to this website!  Have a Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week!  Congratulations to you all!




1. Please look at how St. John's Newfoundland Nurses are celebrating their week:  PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week Agenda, their PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week's celebrations and their photos: 

As a group: 



Performing T'ai chi! 


2.  "ODE TO PERIANESTHESIA NURSES":  A Poem, written by Heather Kennedy, Moncton, New Brunswick.




1. Please see the attached, "President's Greetings for PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week", 2010. 


2. PeriAnesthesia Nurses Poem:  Submitted by Ann Hladky, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Royal Alexander Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, February 2010:


"Recovery Room Nurses are the best,

Some would even say 'a step above the rest'.

A cool hand or a kind word,

Even drugs when the pain is absurd.

Having surgery without fear is rare;

It is a relief to wake up to people who care.

This is the week that you employ

Rightful recognition that I hope you enjoy."


3.  PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Eastern Health, General Hospital Site,  St. John's Newfoundland:  Lunch and cake were provided for these dedicated nurses by their Department of Anesthesia on Friday, February 5, 2010. 


4.  Richmond, BC PACU Nurses went to the Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC to watch curling competitions!!!!