Membership to the National PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association of Canada (NAPANc) is automatic when you join your provincial or territorial association. A portion of the fees paid to the association in your province goes directly to NAPANc to help manage the operation of the association.

For more information regarding your province/territory's perianesthesia association, click on "Provinces/Territories" at the top of the home page, or click on the flags to the left.  Each flag represents one of the provinces and territories.  As you hold your mouse over the flag, it will state the name of the province it is associated with.  Click on the flag of your choice and it will take you to your province's information.

So join your provincial association today, so that you can take advantage of the benefits of membership in your national perianesthesia association.

Educational Resources and other information is available one a member logs in

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      Standards for Practice Resources                              

Appendices 2018


B:  Chart of Required Organizational Practices 

C:  Aldrete Discharge Scoring System 

D:  Modified Aldrete Discharge Scoring System 

E:  Post Anesthetic Discharge Scoring System (PADSS) 

F:  Motor Assessment using the Bromage Scale 

G: Dermatomes for Assessment of Regional Anesthesia 

H: White's Criteria for Fast Tracking from the OR to Bypass Phase I 

I:  SBAR (Example) 

J: PreOperative Checklist (Day of Surgery Phase to OR) (Example)

K: World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Checklist 

L: Surgical Safety Checklist CPSI

M:  OR to Phase I, and Phase I to Phase II Transfer Checklist (Example) 

N: Alterations of Aging Clients and Effect of Anesthesia on Geriatric Response 

O: PreOperative Fasting/Thirsting Regime for All Ages 

P: Effects of Types and Techniques of Sedation and General Anesthesia 

Q: Numeric Rating Scale (top) and Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale (bottom) 

R: Brief Pain Inventory

S:  Behavioural/Cognitive Interventions for Acute Pain 

T: World Health Organization: Step-wise or Laddered Approach to Pain Management 

U:  Pharmacological Analgesics 

V: Sedation Assessment Scales (Three Examples) 

W: ERAS Protocol (EP) 

X: STOP-Bang Questionnaire: Screening Tool for OSA 


Resource 4 2020 Assessment and Management of PeriAnesthesia Pain 

Resource 5 2020 Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in all PeriAnesthesia Phases 

Resource 6 2020 PeriAnesthesia Care of the Pediatric Client 


Resource 1 2018   Client Assessment, Data Collection and Management in all Phases of the PeriAnesthesia Environment 

Resource 2 2018  PeriAnesthesia Care of the Geriatric Client 

Resource 3 2018  Critical Care Overflow in Phase I (PostAnesthesia Care Unit) 

Resource 4 2018   Assessment and Management of PeriAnesthesia Pain (archived 2020)

Resource 5 2018   Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in all PeriAnesthesia Phases  (archived 2020)

Resource 6 2018   PeriAnesthesia Care of the Pediatric Client  (archived 2020)


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