Past Presidents

The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses formed as a corporation officially in 2002 with the inclusion of 4 provinces and one territory at its inception.  The Steering Committee who worked towards the creation of this association became the first Executive of the association in 2002.  Laura Van Loon became the association's first President, commencing her term officially as President in 2002, and handing the gavel on to Diane Buckley from Ontario in 2003.


Past Presidents include:


Laura Van Loon, Chair of Steering Committee, Saskatoon, SK, 2001

Laura Van Loon                         Saskatoon, SK                 2002-3

Diane Buckley                           Hamilton, ON                  2003-5

Joan Toms                                Winnipeg, MB                 2005-7

Laura Van Loon                         Saskatoon, SK                2007-9

Paula Ferguson                         Toronto, ON                   2009-14

Laura Mcnulty                           New Brunswick               2015-2020


Other members of the NAPANc Executive have worked very hard in establishing the association and ensuring it's recognition and growth, and must all be credited with the vision and creativity that is now the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada.


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