The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada has committed to offering the nation's PeriAnesthesia nurses a venue for education and networking annually.


Each year, one of the association's provinces or territories volunteers or is asked to host the National Conference.  It is then the responsibility of that province or territory to strike up a committee from amongst its volunteers to plan, develop and deliver a conference for all interested PeriAnesthesia nurses from across the country.


The conference is filled with topics relevant to the practice of the PeriAnesthesia nurse, primarily related to postoperative care of the surgical patient, with reference to best practice patient care and practice standards. There is also information regarding PreAdmission units, general health care issues and practices, and controversial discussions.


At the conference, entertainment and activities are offered in a fun filled atmosphere as PeriAnesthesia nurses from across the country meet again after a year, and get caught up at this fabulous meeting.  To get an idea of the fun in store for you, please click here.  Plan to attend all of these conferences, offered in May/June each year.  You will be glad you made the trip!


This year, 2013, there will be no conference, since the 2012 National PeriAnesthesia Nurses conference was held in October, 2012 in Nova Scotia.  In order to return the annual conference to the normal timeline of spring time each year, the next National PeriAnesthesia Nurses conference will be held in May/June, 2014 in Regina Saskatchewan.  Please make arrangements NOW to attend this sure-to-be-outstanding conference.  Save your vacation time and your pennies in order to attend.

The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada is responsible for offering an annual conference each year as it has done since 2002.  Every year, one of the provincial associations is asked to host the conference in their province on a rotating basis.


The Association is committed to offering an annual opportunity for professional development in this format to ensure ongoing learning and upgrading of knowledge to enhance perianesthesia nursing practice.  The Association feels strongly that this is one venue for networking and sharing stories in the field which will improve patient care and enlighten perianesthesia nurses across the country.  The Association is committed to promoting the perianesthesia nurses as experts in their specialty.


In 2008, Manitoba (Manitoba Association PeriAnesthesia Nurses, MAPAN) hosted the 7th Annual National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  An outstanding event, entertaining and enlightening in every way, it bosted 185 attendees from across the country and beyond.  The President of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses, Lois Schick, attended and a representative from the Canadian Nurses Association, Christine Buckley spoke as well.


In 2007, PANA-NAC hosted the 6th Annual National Conference in Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton mall. 


UPCOMING Conferences:


2009:  The Ontario PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association (OPANA) hosted this conference in Toronto Ontario.  For more information, please go to their website at:, or click on the "Conference" heading at the top of this page for information, hotel and flight discounts, and registration for this conference.


2010:  Always planning ahead, the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses is pleased to announce the 2010 conference will be held in Calgary, Alberta, and hosted by the PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Alberta, South Alberta Chapter (PANA-SAC).  Please watch for this information as it becomes available on this webiste. 

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