Standards Committee

NAPANc 4th Edition, Standards for Practice!


The 4th Edition Standards for Practice Committee:   

Many ideas for updates, additions and enhancements were discussed and approved by the NAPANc Board of Directors.  Since then, the Standards Committee has worked tirelessly to research and provide the most recent evidence in PeriAnesthesia nursing from all sources to include all environments and all domains, as well as throughout all 5 phases of PeriAnesthesia nursing.


This newest edition includes:


The latest evidence for all existing sections PLUS 
• Pediatric Resource 
• Pain Management Resource 
• Postoperative (and Prolonged) Nausea and Vomiting Management 
• Airway Management 
AND Two new Position Statements, more Glossary definitions, and an Index!  
A MUST edition to own!  For information regarding the Standards, and to order your own copy (now available in Electronic format), please go to:  NAPANc Standards for Practice, 4th edition,

Members of the 3rd edition of the NAPANc Standards for Practice, 2014:


Laura Van Loon RN, Chair, 3rd Edition, Saskatchewan                

Louisa Bartlett RN, Secretary, Alberta                             

Bernard Bachaalany RN BScN, Quebec                                                                    

Nela Crisan RN BScN, Ontario                                                       

Paula Ferguson MN NP-Adult, President NAPAN©, Ontario                  

Nancy Forbes RN BN, Nova Scotia                          

Dory Glaser-Watson BScN PNC(C) CLNC TNCC, Alberta                                            

Amanda Hunt RN BScN, New Brunswick                                                                             

Laura McNulty RN, President-Elect NAPAN©, New Brunswick

Simone Towle RN BScN, Nova Scotia                                                                         

Daphne Whalen-Brake RN MN, Newfoundland                                                         

Section Co-Authors and Consultants

Thao Le RN BScN (Co-Author Resource 12), Quebec

Jiao Jiang, MN, NP-Anesthesia (Consultant Position Statement 3), Ontario

Claire Middleton, MD, FRCP, Anesthesiologist (Consultant Position Statement 3), Ontario

Former NAPAN© Standards Committee Members 3rd Edition

Robyn Vinck RN                      Manitoba                              2013-2014

Marion Power RN                    Nova Scotia                          2004-2013


There are also many English and French Reviewers who gave of their time to review these Standards and offer suggestions for improvement, or just to correct editorial errors.  These people are recognized in the Standards.  The Standards Committee thanks all Reviewers for their time and efforts.


The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada's Former Standards Committee Members:


2011 Second Edition Standards Committee:


Laura Van Loon, Saskatchewan, Co-Chair

Marion Power,  Nova Scotia, Co-Chair

Laurel Archer, BC, Co-Secretary

Colleen Archbold, BC, Co-Secretary

Louisa Bartlett, Alberta, Member and Co-Secretary

Nela Crisan, Ontario, Member

Paula Ferguson, Ontario, President NAPANc

Thao Le, Quebec, Member

Cindy Thorne, NB, Member

Simone Towle, Nova Scotia, Member

Daphne Whalen Brake, Newfoundland, Member

Former Members of the 2nd Edition Committee:

Melanie Connors, Manitoba, Member

Erin Billson, Manitoba, Member


First Edition 2008 Committee Members:

Melanie Connors, RN, BN, MSA, Manitoba         Chair 2006-8, Co-Chair 2004-6

Sue Kennedy, RN, BScN, Ontario                    Co-Chair 2004-6, Member 2006-8

Joan Toms, RN, Manitoba                               Past President, 2004-8

Laura Van Loon, RN, Saskatchewan                 Member, 2004-8

Beth Kennedy, RN, BN, New Brunswick            Member, 2004-8

Simone Towle, RN, BScN, CNE, Nova Scotia      Member, 2004-8

Marion Power, RN, Nova Scotia                       Member, 2004-8

Erin Billson, RN, Manitoba                               Member, 2006-8

Gloria Dow, RN, Manitoba                              Secretary, 2006-8


Past NAPANc First Edition Standards Members

Shirley Clarke, RN, BSN, MS, British Columbia   Member, 2004-7

Linda Sullivan, RN, Newfoundland                  Member, 2004-7

Shannon Lee, RN, President Elect                 Member, 2005-6

Barb Cross, RN, BScN, British Columbia           Member, 2004-5

Brenda Rattray, RN, BSN, British Columbia      Member, 2004-5

Linda Fritz, RN, Alberta                                Member, 2004-5

Shelley Jeske, RN, BScN, Alberta                  Member, 2004-6

Ruth Wadman, RN, BN, Alberta                    Member, 2004-5

Lynn Ostrovsky, RN, BAS, Ontario                 Member, 2004-6

Diane Buckley, RN, President, Ontario            Member, 2004-6



The NAPANc Standards Committee would like to thank our generous sponsors, for without their support the Standards would not have been possible.


If you would like to become involved in the Standards Committee, please use the link under "Standards" and complete the "Questions about the Standards" section.  Add "I would like to join the Standards Committee" in the "message" section and submit by email to be connected immediately to the Chair of the committee.


If you have ideas for additional information to be added to the Standards, please contact the chair of the Standards Committee by email (as above) with your suggestions.






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