2009 National Conference Presentations

Saturday, May 23, 2009:


1.  Opening Keynote Speaker,  Honourable Stephen Lewis:  "Canadian Heroes in Healthcare":  No presentation is available, but watch the 2009 Photo Gallery for photos, and the link for the video of a portion of his presentation.


2.  Dr. Frances Chung, "Having Surgery?  STOP and Take this test First!":   Photographs have been removed due to confidentiality.


3.  Dr. Peter Adamson:  "The Science of Beauty":  is not available due to confidential patient  content.


4.  Pam Bush, RN, BScN,  "PACU Bottlenecks - A Shared Responsibility":  (Photographs have been removed due to website specifications)


5.  Closing Keynote, Janet Rush, RN, PhD,  "Superheroes in Nursing":    (Some photographs have been removed due to website specifications):


Sunday, May 24, 2009:

1.  Opening Keynote, Mr. Tom Closson, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association,  "A Crystal Ball:  How to Improve the Healthcare System"


2.  Cathy O'Neil, RN, BScN & Jim Handyside, BSc,  "Patient Safety"


3.   Pam Hubley, RN, MN, NP, "Nurse Practitioner of Anesthesia:  New Role and Member of the Anesthesia Care Team":

  & Dr. Gerald O'Leary,  "Nurse Practitioner of Anesthesia:  New Role and Member of the Anesthesia Care Team":

University of Toronto Nurse Practitioner Anesthesia Advisory Committee:  (L) to (R):  Jiao Jiang, Dr. Gerald O'Leary, Dr. Claire Middleton, Pam Hubley, NP, Dr. Sharon Davies, Salima Ladak. Missing from the photo:  Krista Kielty, Brenda Ridley. 


4.  Dr. Claude Laflamme:  "Prevention of Perioperative Hypothermia Improves Patients' Outcome": 


5.  Dr. Sue Belo:  "Regional Anesthesia"


6. Closing:  "Women Fully Clothed" Comedy Troupe:  www.womenfullyclothed.com 

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