Objectives of the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada




2.1.1 To advance education for PeriAnesthesia nurses across Canada through the provision of scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance and


2.1.2 To develop a national examination for PeriAnesthesia nurses in Canada to obtain certification


NAPAN© Goals for 2011-12:


    1. To establish membership throughout the provinces and territories
    2. To update Standards of Practice on an ongoing basis
    3. To continue with the development of Certification for our specialty
    4. To fundraising activities for assistance for volunteers involved with Certification
    5. To continue to collaborate in the development of the curriculum for the Anesthesia Assistant program


    1.  Membership is constantly being increased through recruitment at the provincial level.  All members of the provincial associations are automatically members of the National Association.  The goal for increasing membership remains constant and ongoing.


    2.  The Standards Committee of NAPAN© has successfully completed the Second Edition of the Standards for Practice for PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada in October, 2011.  The Standards Committee continues to add to and revise these standards on an ongoing basis.  The second edition is currently being translated into French.


    3.  The next step in development of certification is Fundraising activities to support our 50 volunteers who will donate their time and expertise to the preparation of this examination.  Our goal of $25,000 must be reached by December 31, 2012.  


    4.  The President, on behalf of the Board of Directors, is involved in conversations and planning with the Canadian Anesthesia Society regarding content of curriculum for the education of Anesthesia Assistants across the country.


    The NAPAN© goals are reviewed on an annual basis and evolve over time.  Please continue to watch this website for updates.


    The Board of Directors, NAPAN© 2012.


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