2017 International Conference

International Conference for PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ICPAN)


In 2017, the Fourth International Conference will be held in Sydney Australia.

Visit www.icpan2017.com.au for more information. ICPAN Activities

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2017  Bursary Winners

  1. Angela Winter   Laura Van Loon Bursary
  2. Trica Garrioch   NAPANc  Bursary
  3. Ramon Hackett NAPANc Bursary

In 2015:  the Third International Conference was hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Please to to www.icpan2015.dk for further information.  Please also review the attached Letter of Greeting from the Conference Chair.  


In 2013, the Second Bi-annual International Conference was held in Dublin, Ireland.


In 2011, Canada hosted the first ICPAN in Toronto Ontario.



We are pleased to announce that ICPAN Forums are now live.

The aim is to provide a forum for sharing within our nursing community.

Do you have a topic you want discussed? Would you like to research something? 

Post, comment and interact with PeriAnaesthesia Nurses from across the world.

Follow this link to find out more  http://www.icpan.org/forums.html#/




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