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Dates to Remember

  • 2025: ICPAN Conference                       in Dublin, Ireland                                 Date:  TBA 
  • 2024:  ASPAN Conference in Orlando, Florida                           Date: April 14-18, 2024
  • 2024: NTI, Denver                                 Date: May 20-22 2024




      Standards for Practice Resources                              

Appendices 2018


B:  Chart of Required Organizational Practices 

C:  Aldrete Discharge Scoring System 

D:  Modified Aldrete Discharge Scoring System 

E:  Post Anesthetic Discharge Scoring System (PADSS) 

F:  Motor Assessment using the Bromage Scale 

G: Dermatomes for Assessment of Regional Anesthesia 

H: White's Criteria for Fast Tracking from the OR to Bypass Phase I 

I:  SBAR (Example) 

J: PreOperative Checklist (Day of Surgery Phase to OR) (Example)

K: World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Checklist 

L: Surgical Safety Checklist CPSI

M:  OR to Phase I, and Phase I to Phase II Transfer Checklist (Example) 

N: Alterations of Aging Clients and Effect of Anesthesia on Geriatric Response 

O: PreOperative Fasting/Thirsting Regime for All Ages 

P: Effects of Types and Techniques of Sedation and General Anesthesia 

Q: Numeric Rating Scale (top) and Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale (bottom) 

R: Brief Pain Inventory

S:  Behavioural/Cognitive Interventions for Acute Pain 

T: World Health Organization: Step-wise or Laddered Approach to Pain Management 

U:  Pharmacological Analgesics 

V: Sedation Assessment Scales (Three Examples) 

W: ERAS Protocol (EP) 

X: STOP-Bang Questionnaire: Screening Tool for OSA 


Resource 4 2020 Assessment and Management of PeriAnesthesia Pain 

Resource 5 2020 Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in all PeriAnesthesia Phases 

Resource 6 2020 PeriAnesthesia Care of the Pediatric Client 


Resource 1 2018   Client Assessment, Data Collection and Management in all Phases of the PeriAnesthesia Environment 

Resource 2 2018  PeriAnesthesia Care of the Geriatric Client 

Resource 3 2018  Critical Care Overflow in Phase I (PostAnesthesia Care Unit) 

Resource 4 2018   Assessment and Management of PeriAnesthesia Pain (archived 2020)

Resource 5 2018   Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in all PeriAnesthesia Phases  (archived 2020)

Resource 6 2018   PeriAnesthesia Care of the Pediatric Client  (archived 2020)