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  • 2025: ICPAN Conference                       in Dublin, Ireland                                 Date:  Sept 3-5, 2025 
  • 2025:  ASPAN Conference in Dallas Texas                                                      Date: April  26-May 1, 2025
  • 2024: NTI, Denver                                 Date: May 20-22 2024




CNA has Cancelled

All New Certifications for PeriAnesthesia Nurses

due to lack of Registrants in 2019.

(Recertification is still available via CNA for a limited time)


NAPANc is working hard to bring Certification back.

Please stay tuned and watch for updates for 2022/23



Certification UPDATE March 2019 from CNA    English poster   French poster   


The first PeriAnesthesia Nursing Certification Exam was held on April 5, 2014.  Many PeriAnesthesia nurses from all across Canada were successful and are now certified with the designation PANC(c), which stands for PeriAnesthesia Nurse Certified (in Canada).  This designation is valid for five (5) years, upon which time renewal will be required.  For information on options and qualifications for Renewal, please visit the CNA Website:  CNA Certification Renewal.


The Certification exam will be held annually at approximately the same date each year.  Go to:  CNA Certification Examination Registration to register for this exam.


We are pleased to announce that CNA certification examinations will be moving to computer-based testing.  Renewal applications are online

The 2019 Certification application cycle is now open. To encourage to nurses to certify or recertify in your nursing speciality, an applicant can request the voucher code from your association to receive a 20% discount on the cost if the applicant is a member of your association. The discount can be applied to the CNA member rate or the non-member rate of the certification fee.

Fees for initial certification are on this webpage:



Fees for renewing certification are on this webpage:




NAPANc CNA Certification voucher

Download the Specialty Ass Voucher Diagram

Download the Process on how to receive  a discount voucher


Funding Available:

Go to: 

CNA Certification Program or 1-800-361-8404 

Eligibility Criteria:

Initial Certification Policies:


Facts to know about PeriAnesthesia Nurse Certification Exam:


  • The Canadian Nurses Association develops and administers this exam annually.  Registration is completed through the CNA website:  CNA Certification
  • The CNA administered the first PeriAnesthesia nursing certification examination in 2014, as the twentieth (20th) specialty designated in the 20th year of the Certification program.  
  • The CNA developed this examination in collaboration with the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada (NAPAN©).
  • It is not a requirement of NAPAN© membership to hold the designation PANC(c), but NAPAN© is a strong supporter of this designation as it shows the PeriAnesthesia nurse is committed to ongoing professional development and "cares to be the best", to provide the best care to patients.
  • NAPAN© is committed to its members seeking Certification through the offering of NAPANc Certification Bursaries, Certification Study Guides and study groups.  Many of our Board members are also CNA mentors for those who are studying for the examination.  
  • Request to be a mentor:
  • The NAPAN© Certification Study guide is now available.   


To learn more about the Blueprint, format, competencies and bibliography for the PeriAnesthesia Nursing Certification Examination, go to:  CNA Specialties/Areas of Nursing Practice, and scroll down to PeriAnesthesia Nursing (available also in French). 


To hear about our NEW Study Guide to assist NAPANc members study for the upcoming Certification Examination, go to:  Certification Study Guide.


To learn more about the History of the PeriAnesthesia Nursing Examination, go to:  Certification History.  


And don't hesitate to contact us here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with ideas for studying. 


Thank you,

NAPAN© Executive and Board of Directors