Certification Examination Development Committees:


The committees for Certification Examination development are comprised of volunteers from across the country, from all provinces and territories. They are experienced in all domains of PeriAnesthesia nursing: clinical, research, education and leadership. They bring with them knowledge, experience and expertise in all phases of PeriAnesthesia nursing in both pediatrics and adults, from PreAdmission, Anesthesia Phase, Day of Surgery, Phase I (PACU), Phase II (day surgery) and Extended Observation phases.


Some were chosen from the list of volunteers by the Canadian Nurses Association, while others were chosen from our extensive list of volunteers based on the balance of expertise and knowledge, geographical location, and phases/areas of experience to give each committee the expanse and depth of knowledge that is required in order to capture all facets of our specialty.


A HUGE THANK YOU from NAPAN© to all the volunteers for volunteering their/your time, to ensure that the CNA Certification Examination becomes a reality!


Proposal Committee (July 2009 - June, 2010)

Heather Ead, ON

Paula Ferguson, ON

Thao Le, QC

Sandra Robinson, ON


Examination Committee (August, 2012 - 2018): 

Paula Ferguson, ON

Dory Glaser, AB

Thao Le, QC

Laura McNulty, NB

Sandra Robinson, ON

Evelyn Seip, SK

Daphne Osborne, NL

Laura Van Loon, SK

Competency Committee (November 26-30, 2012)

Sonia Boccardi, QC

Paula Ferguson, ON

Lorna Jensen, BC

Thao Le, QC

Sharon Peabody, NB

Marion Power, NS

Evelyn Seip, SK

Angela Winter, AB


Item Writing Committee

#1: 25 Feb-1 March 2013

1. Jacqueline Perrault: SK

2. Fran Coates: MN

3. Marleen Brotzel: SK

4. Tammy Gallagher: ON

5. Nela Crisan: ON

6. Karen Whaley: BC

7. Frankie Verville: SK

8. JoAnne Hamilton: AB 


#2: 11-15 March 2013

1. Marianne Kampf: ON

2. Diane Buckley: ON

3. Keitha Kirkham : ON

4. Jennifer Richmond: BC

5. Mary Ellen Henneberry: NS

6. Simone Towle: NS

7. Noreen Todaro: QC

8. Louisa Bartlett:  AB


#3: 18-22 March 2013: 

1. Nancy Rudyk: ON

2. Diana Lynn Buchanan: AB

3. Linda Fritz: AB

4. Catherine Barrow: ON

5. Robin Wood: ON

6. Natasha Butler: ON

7. LaVonne Kolb: SK

8. Branka Stefanac: NT