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Certification Bursary Winners 2015

NAPAN© is pleased to announce the 2015 Certification Bursary Winners. Congratulations to all. 

  1. Lorraine Dougan     Eastern bursary (PEI)
  2. Louisa Bartlett        Western Bursary (Calgary)
  3. Marianne Kempf     Central bursary
  4. Lynn Sibley           ANSPAN Bursary

NAPAN© is pleased to announce the nine (9) Bursary recipients from the 10 Bursaries offered for the first Certification Examination administered by the Canadian Nurses Association on April 5, 2014. All Recipients successfully completed and passed this examination.

The successful recipients are:

  1. Recipients of the NAPAN© Bursaries: Chris Douglas, AB, Faisal Kassam, AB, Paula Ferguson, ON
  2. Recipient of the Laura Van Loon Bursary: Kathy Jellow, SK
  3. Recipient of the Paula Ferguson Bursary: Thao Le, QC
  4. Recipient of the ANSPAN Bursaries: Sandra Newton, NS and Angeline Comeau, NS
  5. Recipient of the PANGS Bursary: Evelyn Seip, SK, Laura Van Loon, SK


Two of the above Bursaries were graciously donated to NAPAN© for Bursaries to be set up in individual names for the 2015 Certification exam (Thao Le Bursary, Laura Van Loon Bursary). No applications were received for the third ANSPAN Bursary which will be carried over until 2015.


Congratulations to all those who completed this momentus event and are now able to note the designation "PANC(c)" behind their names.


If you would like to award a Bursary, applications are always being accepted for Bursaries available for assistance with Certification Examination funding for PeriAnesthesia Nurses who will write, and successfully complete, future PeriAnesthesia Nurses Certification Examination, 2015 and forward. Go to:http://www.napanc.org/education/sponsorship-opportunities-for-certification


In the future, NAPANc will be offering Bursaries for future Certification Examinations. NAPANc has committed to offer 3 Bursaries annually. All applications must be submitted by May 15 in the year that the examination is written. Applicants must then submit their confirmation of successful completion/passing of the Certification Examination as soon as they receive it. Decisions for Bursary recipients will be made prior to, and announced at the National Conference in that year. Please make arrangements to attend that conference to hear, first hand, who the recipients are, have a photo taken and get published in the NAPANc Newsletter (the "Eye Opener") and on this website.


If you wish to apply, please use the forms that will be available in January of each year that the Certification Examination is offered. 


If you require further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your local PeriAnesthesia Nursing Association President. A complete list of contacts is available on this website under, "Provinces/Territories".


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